Customer reviews: Alfred – s Teach Yourself to Play Piano: Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Now, Book – Online Audio (Teach Yourself Series)

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Customer reviews

Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Piano: Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Now!, Book & Online Audio (Teach Yourself Series)

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I am a much older adult who took piano lessons for about six months when I was younger adult, I missed the piano. I now have my mother’s piano that I can learn to play again. I love this “Teach Yourself To Play Piano,” by Alfred. I have been learning to play as I go, a few minutes here and few minutes there and sometimes longer sessions. I needed lots of learning! I do not know the notes on a sheet of music, I needed something basic but not too basic to bore me to death.

The book is for “Beginners of All Ages.” It progresses slowly with simple lessons learning the right hand, then the left hand and slowly adds the chords one note at at time. And before you know it, you are playing music when both hands. I have only been practicing for about a week or so, it takes practice! Learning to play the piano is not easy, but with practice you can do it. I find myself practicing more on the piano with this book more just because I am making progress and I like what I hear!

I am learning to count the notes to keep the beat, I start out very slowly and repeat lessons frequently until learned. And, I jump around in the lessons, going back to easier lessons and then progressing again. I am doing simple scales to get my weak fingers some exercise. I am still trying to coordinate both hands in playing the simple “C” scale.

Almost bought a metronome! I found an App for my telephone! It was free! A metronome ticks out the beats to keep you moving along as you are playing a song, so it sounds right. I am already looking to see what else this teaching series offers, I love the way he teaches. I am on page 37 and making progress, the more you practice the better you become.

In the beginning of the book, you will find notes that are numbered and marked with the notes.

I also bought a paper sheet that can be put behind the keys to let you know the keys. I rarely use it, but when a song does not sound right, I make sure I check the chart to make sure I am playing the correct notes, most often I am playing the wrong note. So, the paper chart helps a lot.

Devote your time to learning the play the piano, you can do it!

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I’ve been interested in learning to play the piano for many years, but always felt that it was too late to take lessons as an adult. I finally decided earlier this year to see if I could teach myself. At first, I just tried finding really basic sheet music that I could find for free online. However, having never learned another instrument, I lacked the basic foundation, and found myself floundering through the simple sheet music I found. I decided I need a real method book, but didn’t want one that had too much theory, or too much kids’ music. I settled on this based on the good reviews. This seemed like an abbreviated version of the Alfred’s All-in-One, Level 1 book (it is).

I worked diligently (mostly), practicing at least 1/2 an hour most days. I wouldn’t move on to the next song until I was able to play along with audio track twice without errors. Some lessons moved more quickly than others. I also kept track of my time. So, at this point, I’m about 125 hours in, and on the last two songs in this book (the Entertainer and Amazing Grace). Along the way, I’ve taken some detours to learn other pieces from other books that interest me, but I would say I’ve probably spent about a hundred solid hours working my way through this book. With concentrated effort, my guess is I’ll be done with the remaining two songs in 10 hours or so. I was hoping to finish the book before writing the review, but my attention has now been diverted to other things that the 10 hours needed to finish this book may take me another month or two, so I am posting this review while my experience with it is relatively fresh.

I got this book about seven months ago, when I had zero coordination playing with both hands. The progress I’ve made, thanks in large part to this book, has been a pleasant surprise to me. I can now read basic music, fumble my way around some simple pieces, and play some simplified versions of well-known pieces. Am I good? Lol. Absolutely not. But I do feel like I have the necessary basic foundation to move on to Alfred’s All-in-One, Level 2 after this book. I also feel comfortable learning simplified versions of many songs (beginner sheet music feels manageable now, and big note piano music is sufficiently challenging, but not overwhelming).

Could I have gotten better more quickly with an instructor? I’m sure I could have. But for the price and the ability to proceed at my own speed (sometimes fast, sometimes slow) without guilt, I’m really glad I got this book. If you have prior musical training, I think this would be a good tool to refresh your skills. However, prior experience, while helpful, is not necessary. I didn’t even know where middle C was when I started, and now I can play a simplified version of Brahm’s lullaby pretty decently. If you’re willing to put in the time and commitment to learn the piano, this book will help you do it. Highly recommended!

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