How To Play Piano By Ear! (Step by Step Tutorial)

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How To Play Piano By Ear! (Step by Step Tutorial)

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You see a song you want to play, but you hate reading sheets. What do you do? You play by ear!! 😀

It’s been 2 months! 😀 I’m back! I’ve came to the conclusion that in the future, whatever Youtube related projects I have can only be worked on during my holidays. Since I have a busy life during school terms. Now, I have 2 weeks of holidays to work on some Youtube covers/projects. In about 2 months time, I will have 1.5 months of holidays 🙂

Making this tutorial video was so tedious. But it was worth it. I made this because I knew I won’t be able to be as active on Youtube compared to last year. While I’m inactive, I hope you can still play the songs you like.

1) Choosing the song – 0:30
2) Listening (Studying the song) – 1:30
3) Figuring out the melody (Right Hand) – 2:17
4) Figuring out the bass notes (Left Hand) – 4:17
5) Adding richness and depth to both hands (Right Hand) – 5:38
5.1) Adding richness and depth to both hands (Left Hand) – 7:41
6) Adding patterns and Variations (Left Hand) – 8:25
6.1) Adding patterns and Variations (Right Hand) – 9:18
6.2) Learning and Improving your arrangements – 10:26
7) Tips and Tricks – 10:58
7.1) Preview of how you may look like in the end – 11:46
End of Tutorial
—Bonus parts—
8) How to improvise a song on the spot – 12:43
9) How to compose your own songs – 14:35

If you have any questions, feel free to ask it in the comments section below.

You may need to pause the video to read some parts 🙂

Tutorial by: ZackyAnimePiano
Edited by: ZackyAnimePiano
Music used: Warriors by Imagine Dragons (Piano by ZackyAnimePiano)
Cameraman: My sister

No copyright infringement intended.

I’m not a professional in piano or anything. This video is made to share my knowledge/skills. This is the exact way of how I figured how to play by ear, or how I play by ear/improvise/compose songs.

EDIT: This song is in E minor not G major. However they both are very similar as both has F# only. Difference is E minor gives off a sadder tone while G major a more lively tone. Don’t worry though this does not affect the tutorial. But just take note of this 🙂

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