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best tablet site to learn piano

Best tablet site to learn piano

Not just another online music school, the JamAlong Music Method is the result of literally thousands of hours spent jamming across the country, as well as teaching countless music lessons in music stores and festivals.

The JamAlong Music Method gets you playing right away, making learning fun. Whether you’re a veteran jammer or just starting out, we offer state-of-the-art instruction on the kind of music that matters the most: your music!

Multimedia eLessons

Learn how to jam with our online music lessons — featuring 25 to 40 minute online videos, downloadable TAB and sheet music, and play-along audio tracks. We’ll go over every single note, slowly and clearly, with lots of charts and demos, until you are absolutely sure how it’s done.

Our lessons include backing tracks with a full string band of guitar, bass and mandolin for you to practice along with. Once you jam along with our backup tracks you’ll start having so much fun that you can’t even really call it practice … And it’s not, it’s JamAlong!

And best of all, with our multimedia eLessons you get to learn in the comfort of your own home, and there is no pressure to make it to a music lesson or finish the material by any certain time. Nope, this is your program, and you learn it at your pace, with no pressure.

Once you purchase an eLesson, you will be able to view it streaming online from the website, where all of your lessons will be displayed in your own Lesson Folder. That way you can access your lesson from any device (laptop, tablet, smart phone) from anywhere you are! (You can also get any of our video lessons mailed to you in DVD format, just let us know and we’ll ship it right out to you! A shipping and handling fee of $15 per DVD will apply.)


If you’re a dabbler, you can purchase eLessons indiv >every eLesson on jamalong.org for only $30/month… by becoming a subscriber!

As a subscriber you can browse the eLesson Library and add your favorite lessons to your own Lesson Folder. Log into My Lesson Folder at any time and all your favorite lessons will be right there.

PS: Our premium subscription plans include custom video eLessons and live video lessons!

Custom eLessons

Yes, that’s right: custom eLessons! You can place an order for any song or skill you want to learn, and our team of Music Coaches will prepare a fun and easy to understand lesson just for you. This is something you simply will not find anywhere else!

And if you need that personal touch, our Music Coaches are just a phone call or text away. We regularly do support calls with our students, using whatever platform you’re comfortable with…Skype, Google Hangouts, IM, texting, or ravens with scrolls in their beaks. Whatever works for you. Can’t figure out a certain fingering? Mystified by a bit of music theory? Or maybe you just want a shoulder to cry on? We’re here for ya!

Transcription service

When you want to learn how to play your new favorite song, it really helps to have it written out for you. That’s where JamAlong Transcriptions come in.

Just tell us what song you want to learn. Not only do we do standard notation, we also create custom tablature for banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass and ukulele. So that means anything you’ve been dying to learn, whether it’s a Doc Watson guitar solo or something crazy from Jake Shimabukuro, we’ll figure out exactly how they played it and send you the TAB for every note. We also provide chord charts, lyrics and more!

Live Online Music Lessons

WithJamAlong’s Live Online Music Lessons you’ll have all the benefits of an “in person” music lesson, except you can do it in the comfort of your own home, in your bathrobe if you wish!

The JamAlong Music Store

Featuring the best musical instruments and accessories for jammers like you. Plus some unique JamAlong Music products not found in any store!

“Instant solutions to musical roadblocks!”

Their lessons offer personalized discussions and instant solutions to musical roadblocks! I appreciate the creative explanations of musical concepts for someone like me, a non-musical thinker. And every lesson includes printable tabs to add to your songbook and personalized play-along recordings of the songs you’ve chosen!

Wendy – Durham, California

“Even better than in-person lessons”

Wow! I thought I would try mandolin online lessons with JamAlong, as I live in a rural area, work full time and have a weird schedule, so “in person” lessons are difficult to manage. I am so happy that I found JamAlong. These lessons may even be better than in-person lessons because with screen sharing technology, instant tabbing and standard notation, all bases are covered. And it is fun! Brae is a fun and funny teacher who makes it easy to follow, stress free and well organized. I love my lessons!

Laurie – Sandpoint, Idaho

“Looking forward to my next session!”

I’ve had one lesson with JamAlong and have to say that their approach and material are far removed from other online tutors. Looking forward to my next session!

“Five stars!”

Seeds of my songs that were gathering dust are springing to life since I began learning the techniques from JamAlong for creating completed compositions. We work together online through custom videos and TAB. They quickly produce chord charts, type in lyrics, plot melodies/tabs through screen share or screen shots and I am able to download and use right away. Five stars!

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