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KeyLab Essential 49

Creativity Reinvented


Until September 30th – when you buy a KeyLab Essential from a music store or online you are entitled to the free software as a part of this promotion.

How does it work?

Simply register your product on the Arturia website. As soon as you’ve done this you will see the software in your account, available for downloaded. Install it, and get set to create musical magic.

Creating music in the digital world is sometimes a little challenging. So many distractions, so many new things to learn. KeyLab Essential lets you focus on what’s important…

Music is at the heart of this controller. Every aspect of KeyLab Essential has been carefully chosen to give you the best possible experience when creating and performing. From the responsive keyboard to the intelligently assigned knobs and faders, you’ll feel like everything you touch turns to gold. KeyLab Essential makes navigating your track a breeze thanks to the dedicated DAW Command Center, and makes browsing your presets an exciting, inspiring experience.

KeyLab Essential helps you keep your eye on the target. Spend less time with a keyboard and mouse, and more time creating, performing, and playing.

Make music – your way

Never been fan of menu excavations and setting headaches? We think the same.
That’s why we’ve created KeyLab Essential: to make the technical stuff as simple as possible.

It’s easy to let your concentration drift and your inspiration slip when you spend hours on tedious tasks. KeyLab Essential is the result of careful research, with the aim of streamlining your creative process, giving you more time to express yourself through music. With the KeyLab Essential on your desk and its comprehensive set of music software loaded in your computer, the only required step to start experimenting, composing and recording is sitting in front of them.

Once you’ve experienced the creative workflow of KeyLab Essential, you’ll wonder how you ever made music without it.

In tune with your studio

Geared for maximum compatibility, KeyLab Essential gives you unadulterated control of your digital world, seamlessly integrating with virtual instruments and DAW software.

KeyLab Essential is packed with clever controls that help you make swift work of everyday tasks within your recording software. Play your track, jog forwards and back, save, toggle your metronome and loop, record, and punch in on the fly. This functionality keeps your hands on the controller and your mind in the music. As well as offering ultimate integration with Analog Lab, KeyLab Essential is a universal MIDI controller, compatible with any third-party instruments or software. KeyLab Essential also comes with Ableton Live Lite so you can start recording, editing, and releasing your music with one of the most popular music platforms on the planet.

Whether you’re a total newcomer to the world of recording, or a seasoned pro who’s set in their ways, KeyLab Essential has the potential to revolutionize your creative process.

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