Music Career Coaching in Los Angeles, CA

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Music Career Coaching

About this pro

One-On-One Guidance Through Every A spect of Your Career Inlcuding:

‣ Health Focused Vocal Technique

‣ Mindset and Practical Preparation for:

‣ Apply Music Theory and Hit Songwriting Techniques

‣ Combat Writer’s Block

‣ Reach Creative Goals

Helping people bring their creative ideas to life. We all hear so many misconceptions about the music industry, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing people break past those limiting beliefs to do what they thought was impossible.

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When I contacted Eva, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to the administrative or marketing equation of releasing music. She helped guide me through registering and distributing my music as well as creating a marketing strategy to promote the material. She focuses on establishing an audience and how to stay directly connected to them. On the creative side, Eva worked with me to fine-tune my songs and add those finishing touches and special flourishes that take the music to the next level. Through all of this, Eva is kind and personable. She’s a great soundboard for bouncing ideas off of and a valuable source of knowledge when it comes to the music industry.

I always schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss overall goals and to make sure we’re the right fit for eachother. From there, we can create a schedule that works best for your individual needs. Sessions are typically 1-Hour via videochat.

‣ 10+ years performing at bars, restaruants, weddings, churches, corporate & private events, wineries, festivals, and colleges.

‣ Performed & studied with songwriters in Nashville

‣ Received the Golden Ticket on the X-Factor, as well as a call back for The Voice

‣ Studied music at Eastern University with a focus in Voice

‣ Private Voice lessons primarily with Estill Voice Technique, as well as some classical training

‣ After College, I was hired as the Contemporary Worship Director at a large church (

2,000 members) where I was able to work with and coach vocalists, guitar players, drummers, etc. on a weekly basis.

‣ Over the course of my career, I’ve recorded 3 original albums, 1 live album and most recently, a self-produced EP

‣ Studied Music Production at Crē•8 Music Academy in West Hollywood

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