Music: Listen, play, Learn

learn the piano pbs

Learn the piano pbs

String Instruments

  • String Instruments
  • How String Instruments Work


  • Guitar
  • Parts of the Guitar
  • Playing the Guitar
  • History of the Guitar
  • Famous Guitarists


  • Violin
  • Basics of playing the violin
  • Parts of the violin
  • Violin History
  • Famous Violinists

  • Piano
  • How the Piano Works
  • Playing the Piano
  • Famous Pianists

Brass Instruments

  • Brass Instruments
  • How Brass Instruments Work


  • Woodwinds
  • How Woodwind Instruments Work

The Science of Music

What is a Musical Note?: Learn about the basics of a note.

Musical Terms and Glossary: Learn about the words that are used to describe and play music.

Science of Sound for Kids – Learn all about sound and pitch and how it works.

Sound Pitch Experiments – Learn how frequency effects sound and pitch.

Music Matching Game – Try out this fun game where you have to match the musical notes as fast as you can.

Listen to some tunes

PBS Kids Music – Songs from PBS shows.

Disney Music – Listen to songs from your favorite Disney artists like the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez.

Fun Facts About Music

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