These PIANO tips CHANGED my LIFE, Producer Hacks

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These PIANO tips CHANGED my LIFE! | Producer Hacks

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Текст видео

In this video I share my musical background, share the NUMBER ONE resource that helped me learn how to play piano, and I give some piano tips that have changed my life! This video is perfect for music producers that want to learn how to play piano

How to Fit Chords Into a Key (Music Theory):

How to Write Music – Building a Chord Progression:

The Circle of Fifths – How to Actually Use It:

ALL the equipment I use:

Some techniques in this video may include: Transposing in Ableton, Time warping in Ableton, adding drums in ableton, how to organize in ableton, 808’s in ableton, how to use the drum rack in ableton, how to add a bass line in ableton, etc.

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