Tutorial for ADM Thumb Piano 17 keys

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Tutorial for ADM Thumb Piano 17 keys

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ADM Thumb Piano 17 keys Kalimba African Mahogany Mbira Portable Easy-to-learn with Music Book Tune Hammer and Bag
You can visit here for more details: https://amzn.to/2E0H2Bj .

4 Options: 10 key maple hole, 10 key sun hole, 17 key maple hole, 17 key sun hole

* Body is made of veneer Africa mahogany wood, smooth, delicate, sturdy and potable which makes it a great choice for party or traveling
* 17 keys are made of iron ores. With the adjustable spring, when the thumb presses and releases the piano, the steel slice will make bright and clear sounds
* Easy to learn:1(D), 2(B), 3(G), 4(E), 5(C5), 6(A), 7(F), 8(D), 9(C4), 10(E), 11(G), 12(B), 13(D), 14(F), 15(A), 16(C6), 17(E), international standard C tune
* With instructions and tutorial, easy to learn, anyone who picks up one of these instruments can make a great sound right away
* One year warranty against manufacture’s defects. One month free return policy to amazon

About Thumb Piano:
The thumb piano or mbira is a folk instrument with ethnic characteristics in Africa. It has different names in different countries. For example, Kalimba is Kenya’s title for this instrument, while in Zimbabwe it is called Mbira. The Congolese call it Likembe. It also has names like Sanza and Thumb Piano. It derives its name mainly from the thumb on the sheet of the body (mainly made of wood, bamboo and metal in modern development). Traditional thumb pianos use gourds to make resonators.

Key Number: 17 Keys
Body Material: African Mahogany
Key Material: Stainless Steel
Sound Hole: Round
Item Dimension: 7.3″ X 5.4″ X 2″
Package Dimension: 8″ X 6″ X 3″
Weight: 1.2 LBS
Package List: Thumb Piano*1, Kalimba basic course*1,Tune Hammer*1, Instruction booklet*1, bag*1 and Note sticker

Quite easy to learn and play:
With instructions and tutorial, easy to learn, anyone who picks up one of these instruments can make a great sound right away.
The beautiful and peaceful sound will lead you to a very comfortably happy feeling. It’s a great choice for relax such.
The classic box design makes it portable to travel or party.
Advanced carving design makes it excellent gift for your friends and family.

​Easy to tune your kalimba
1: Tuner:
You can use a real tuner or download an App.
Android system app: g Strings, Apple system app: Ins tuner.
2. Tune with hammer:
See as the left picture to adjust direction for high-sound or bass-sound.

17 keys are made of iron ores.
With note stickers, learn the thumb piano easily.
Traditional round sound hole design, better sound quality.
Seiko Corner and fine ADM Logo:
Ingenious grinding process, with texture, feel smooth, better experience.
During the performance, different sounds can be created when you put your finger to the round sound hole.

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