Yanni Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

how did yanni learn piano

Yanni Biography

A music composer, pianist and keyboardist, Yanni is famously known for his performances at unusual venues like the Taj Mahal and Acropolis Theatre. To know more about his childhood, profile, timeline and career read on.

Also Known As: Yiannis Chryssomallis, Giánnis Chrysomállis

Born in: Kalamata

Famous as: Pianist, Keyboardist, Music Composer

father: Sotiri Chryssomallis

mother: Felitsa Chryssomallis

children: Krystal Ann (Daughter)

education: 1976 – University of Minnesota

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One of the greatest new age musicians of all times, Yanni was a self-taught artis who continues to push the boundaries of music. Born in Greece, Yanni became an American citizen. He traveled extensively and used his world experience to create complex and multi-cultural music. He has performed in restrictively exclusive venues like the Taj Mahal and the Acropolis of Athens. His creative and unique approach to music led him to develop his own musical shorthand when he was a child; he still uses it for his compositions. His long creative partnership with PBS proved that he is also effective at fundraising, and has raised millions of dollars to fund his own and other broadcast events. In addition to producing, directing and performing in his own orchestra, he also lends his charitable fundraising efforts to the World Wildlife Fund to promote the conservation of endangered species. As a keyboardist, composer and musician, he has received two Grammy nominations. Although his music is consistently labeled and enjoyed as a great example of the popular new age genre, he famously defies genre definitions and makes unique orchestral music that embodies his international repute.

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